A MT-760 can be obtained from your bank. Some banks are not willing to issue MT-760’s however, so if an MT-760 is absolutely essential, you may have to be prepared to move your funds to another banking institution. It is wise to inquire at your bank before committing to any sale that requires a MT-760 as part of its terms and conditions.

Blockedfunds.com is in the leased funds business; we have been doing this for over 5 years and deal with the top banks, HSBC, Dutch Bank, Barclay’s, Bank of America, mostly any bank in the world in every continent.  We understand each transaction and work to create a win-win result for our clients.  We manage over $5B in funds, and can fulfill most funding requests, in 2-14 days.  We can issue MT202, MT799, MT760, bank guarantees, sblcs, and cash accounts for trade or credit enhancement purposes.

Victor William

CALL ME DIRECT 1-(972)704-1696
Toll Free: +1(888)625-7518
Toll Free Fax: +1(888)625-7518
Local Phone +1(214)296-9552
International +1(214)716-5018
International FAX +1(214)613-1640
Email: info@blockedfunds.com
Skype: victor.atoztask
Web: www.blockedfunds.com


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